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Can The Caked Ferrous Sulphate Heptahydrate Be Used?

July 05,2023

Ferrous sulphate heptahydrate, commonly known as green alum, is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula ferrous sulphate 7H2O, which is used in industry for the treatment of sewage and wastewater.

The ferrous sulphate heptahydrate itself contains 7 water molecules and may clump at a storage period of about 1 month at a constant temperature. The phenomenon of clumping of ferrous sulphate heptahydrate belongs to its own physical properties and is not a product deterioration.

Can the caked ferrous sulphate heptahydrate be used?

1. For water treatment applications, slightly caked ferrous sulphate will not have an adverse effect. Slight lumps can be crushed and used normally with the same effect. Or use it directly (the dissolution time will be increased when using it directly). It is best to prepare the solid into a 10% solution before use. The ferrous iron is easily oxidised in the air, so it is best to use it as it is.

2. For products that have been stored for a long time and are heavily caked, the iron content may be slightly reduced. Therefore, it is not recommended to store such products for a long time. The product can be dissolved at a temperature of 148.2°C by high temperature decondensation and can be used normally.

3. Add anti-caking agents to prevent caking. If it cannot be used up within the effective time, when purchasing, you can purchase ferrous sulphate heptahydrate with anti-caking agent. And store in a dry and cool place to avoid direct contact between ferrous sulphate heptahydrate and air.

Hunan Willdo Ferrous Sulphate Heptahydrate has good water solubility, high Fe content and low risk of agglomeration. It is particularly suitable for use as a fertiliser with added iron and as a coagulant for wastewater treatment.

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