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What is the difference between the mesh of baking soda?

June 12,2023

Baking soda, scientifically known as sodium bicarbonate, is widely used in the food processing industry, feed additives and industry. Many people will ask what is the difference between the mesh of baking soda? In fact, the mesh of baking soda only determines the fineness of the baking soda, but the use of baking soda mainly depends on your production needs.

The mesh of baking soda is also known as the number of holes

Which is the number of holes per square inch. The larger the mesh, the smaller the pore size, and the larger the mesh, the finer the particles.

The conventional mesh of baking soda is between 60 and 150 mesh, which can be sieved using sets of sieves (e.g. 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180, etc.) and the mechanical vibration method of sieving to detect the amount of sieve residue in each mesh to determine exactly what the fineness (mesh) of the baking soda is and also to reflect the fineness (particle) distribution. According to the industry's requirements for different mesh sizes to process different mesh sizes of baking soda, ultra-fine powders are detected using a laser particle size analyser, which can accurately detect various specifications of mesh sizes of ultra-fine baking soda.The main difference is the fineness, the larger the mesh of baking soda, the finer the particles, the higher the price of baking soda than the lower mesh baking soda is much more expensive, so the specific choice of baking soda what mesh production, depending on your production needs. If you need to buy baking soda, Hunan Willdo long-term supply, a variety of mesh optional, details welcome to consult.