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Why is sodium bicarbonate added to tea beverages?

August 17,2023

The market now has a lot of sugar-free tea drinks claiming to be safe zero-fat, a lot of health or fear of fat people will choose this type of drink, then, do you know that this kind of drink inside the sodium bicarbonate added this additive? Sodium bicarbonate, commonly known as baking soda, as one of a variety of food ingredients, it is also very wide range of uses in gastronomy, cookies, pastries, steamed bread, bread and so on, are inseparable from our baking soda. At the same time, sodium as one of the body's important electrolytes, to maintain the stability of the environment within the body has a very important role (of course, too much intake is not good). Add sodium bicarbonate in tea drinks have three main effects:

1, adjust the ph value of raw water, improve the oolong tea tea rate.

2, green tea, add sodium bicarbonate, add sodium bicarbonate. 2, green tea, add sodium bicarbonate can make the color more fresh and nice.

3 "Sodium bicarbonate in the role of the residual sodium carbonate, the use of too much will make the finished product has an alkaline flavor." Generally speaking, like this tea drinks ultimate goal is to restore the true taste of tea, sodium bicarbonate is just able to provide the general tea, astringent, a little bit of alkali flavor feeling, and a small amount of sodium bicarbonate intake for the human body is not harmful.

Simply put: adding sodium bicarbonate in tea drinks, the effect is significant, low cost, can be very good to restore the taste of tea.