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Is the additive sodium bicarbonate harmful to the human body

August 18,2023

The additive sodium bicarbonate is generally not harmful to humans.

Food additive sodium bicarbonate, also known as baking soda, is weakly alkaline, is used to make pasta to synthesize the acidic flavor of fermentation, but also the role of fluffy, after the addition of pasta can improve the flavor, is a safer food additives, in addition to the more commonly used in pasta, sodium bicarbonate also has a lot of other roles, such as relieving gastric acid, regulating uric acid and deodorization and other effects.

1. Relieve stomach acid: stomach acid can promote gastrointestinal tract to digest food, but excessive secretion of stomach acid can damage the gastrointestinal tract to protect the mucous membrane, sodium bicarbonate is weakly alkaline, can effectively neutralize the gastric acid, play a role in protecting the gastric mucous membrane, so as to alleviate the symptoms of stomach acid.

2. Regulating uric acid: high uric acid patients in the body of purine can not be metabolized by the kidneys and the formation of uric acid, moderate supplementation of sodium bicarbonate can play a role in alkalizing the urine, indirectly help regulate the level of uric acid.

3. Deodorization: a lot of food corruption odor comes from the acidic substances produced, sodium bicarbonate can absorb the free acid in the air, improve the odor in the air, play the effect of deodorization.

Food additives sodium bicarbonate is not harmful to the human body, but it should also be noted that when consumed in moderation.