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What are the highlight of our services?

February 10,2023

Professional and meticulous service!

We have a rigorous loading process, and we always give our customers more peace of mind when they do not appoint a third party QC.

This is a short story that happened in December 2022. It was about to be Chinese New Year, but China's pandemic policy had just been opened up and many workers were infected with the Covid-19. At the same time ,Our factory was closed to outside personnel at the time, so the third party inspector appointed by the client was unable to carry out the task. Our salesman,very responsibly, acted as the client's QC free of charge, supervising and directly participating in the inspection and delivery of 175 tonnes of manganese sulphate mono.

As many workers were on leave due to the virus, this allowed the salesmen who had been working in the office to work on the front line, carrying, cleaning and inspecting the goods, completing the inspection task requested by the customer perfectly and excellently, and the customer gave a very high rating and immediately proceeded to turn the order over again.

So, our service aim is to think what our customers think and solve problems for them.