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TOP 5 zinc sulphate manufacturers in China

March 06,2023

Over past 13 years, Willdo have helped many companies in the fertilizer and feed industry to source low cost and high quality chemical additives ,mainly in manganese sulphate and zinc sulphate.

We invested zinc sulphate and become shareholder since 2020.

This is a top 3 zinc sulphate factory in China,production capacity is over 130MT/DAY.

In recent years, factory become more and more important in international business, we can ensure quality, delivery time and all other details to meet customer need. This is the competitiveness of made in China. The company's animal and plant nutrient trace elements products are in line with the current advocacy of the "safe, efficient, environmental protection" trend, in the background of the overall growth of nutritional additives demand, the company will usher in a historic opportunity for rapid development.