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One of the highlights of our company, the advantage of raw materials

January 09,2023

Our manganese sulphate is produced from high quality manganese ore + sulphuric acid, not from the by-products of hydroquinone production.


The distribution of manganese ore resources in China is uneven. Although 21 provinces,

municipalities and autonomous regions in China have identified manganese ores,

most of them are located in the south, especially in Guangxi and Hunan provinces and regions, which account for 56% of the national manganese ore reserves, thus forming a pattern of manganese ore resources exploitation mainly in Guangxi and Hunan.

Our company has invested in production plants in Guangxi and Hunan ten years ago, in order to ensure the long-term stable supply to our customers. For the quality control of manganese sulphate products, we constantly upgrade our technology in order to produce high quality products and at the same time reduce the production cost, so as to give the preferential benefit to our customers.